Think of Easytradegroup as the most efficient and effective argentine company of direct international delivery
EasyTradeGroup, the Nš1 argentine export company in direct international distribution.Think of Easytradegroup as the most efficient and effective argentine company of direct international deliveryservicescontact us

Our goals

To bring Argentina closer to the crucial worldwide markets.
To offer business units with innovative products of the highest quality    and value.
To create the best and most innovative tools to assist with    international    business transactions and deliveries.
To deliver to anywhere in the world within 5 days max.
To deliver to markets such as the USA and Canada within 72 hours.
To offer the highest level of service pre and post purchase.
To obtain maximum customer satisfaction.

Our customers

We deal with over a 1000 consultations per month and over 400 actual sales. 90% of sales are end customers and products are delivered to their home address anywhere in the world. The remaining 10% are wholesalers, importers and distributors who have chosen us because of both our innovative products and the excellent service we offer.

Our suppliers

Our development department has been working with the manufacturers in order to expand and adapt Argentine products to the needs of our overseas customers. 95% of our manufacturers are Argentine with the remaining products of Brazilian origin.

We currently have relationships with the manufacturers of the best Argentine products available.

If you are an Argentine company interested in exporting by courier from Argentina, contact us, we can help you.

Our partners

Our main partners in success are our manufacturers.

Opportunities for Resellers and Representatives all over the world

Our products are available for any serious proposal which will allow us to reach further markets. Refer to our samples policy, obtain your promotional kit, and get ready to grow along with us. Our modern marketing techniques, our efficient distribution and our knowledgeable staff will turn your project into a success.

Either physical or online retailers are welcome. We are also open to any new business proposals regarding our products. We are always looking for resellers that will help us to expand our business worldwide. Submit your idea and we will respond to you promptly.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified EASY TRADE GROUP dealer or reseller please go to the "contact us" form for details and qualifications.